Great AI to help you find what you’re actually looking for.

What is it?

Instead of browsing Instagram manually and adding names & numbers to a nerve-racking excel-sheet, we created Recommendations. The AI-powered engine provides a far superior outcome and turns a mundane task into something that’s fast, fun & easy to use.


Your starting point


When suggesting influencers, our AI will look at the influencers you previously chose to add or skip for your campaign, but will start off by checking your filters. You can choose category, follower range, and country.


To find the influencers best suitable for your campaign and brand, we compare your target audience with the influencers follower demographics. Target based on gender, interests, region, and age-span.

Influencer data

Combining metrics from Instagram together with Collabs proprietary data will give you a full understanding of whether you should swipe left or right.


Average likes and comments an influencer receives on their posts based on total amount of followers.

Engagament rate

The average amount of likes and comments an influencer receives on their posts compared to their total amount of followers.

Influencer score

A combination of credibility score (amount of real followers), previous campaign success rate, engagement rate, and other proprietary data.


An estimate of the number of total impressions that the influencer's content will generate for your campaign. In other words, you’ll be able to calculate the number of campaign-impressions before any content is even published by the influencer.

Audience Match

What percentage of the influencer's audience that actually matches the filters you’ve chosen.

Simple to use

Our interface is fun, easy to understand and right to the point.

Add or skip

When adding or skipping an influencer that is recommended to you, our AI takes your choice into consideration, which means that suggestions will improve over time. In other words, it learns what you’re looking for.


Located in the bottom left corner, the indicator will tell you when you’ve added enough influencers to your campaign. It’s a calculation based on data from thousands of previous campaigns which dictates how many influencers that are required to be invited in order to fill all the seats in your campaign.


We’ve added notifications to give you a heads-up on your progress. Keep an eye out for small messages that pops up telling you how you’re doing.

Influencers added

Keep track of all influencers added to your campaign. Keep in mind that these influencers are not guaranteed to join the campaign, however, every one of them will receive an invitation via e-mail on a first-come-first-served basis.


Displaying the influencer's latest content for an immediate understanding of their style & quality. This is a rather subjective value but pays great importance in choosing the correct profile for your campaign & brand.

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