Seamless payments from brands to influencers. No headache guaranteed.

Collabs payment model

Our payment model ensures everything is done by the book. We handle all payments, currencies & accounting in accordance with the influencers (and the brands), tax-rules & applicable laws - no matter where in the world you’re based. Pay once, the rest is automagic.


Send out invitations

When a brand invites influencers to join their campaign, the commissions are transferred to our account. This way we can guarantee your commission.


Handling payments

When rounding up the campaign, our system confirms that the influencers completed all their assignments in accordance to the guidelines set by the brand. Once this is done, the influencer is paid automatically. Should any of the influencers fail to complete assignments, their payday is cancelled & funds are returned to the brand.


Payment to influencers

We pay influencers directly with invoice. If you don't have your own company, we have a partnership with Gigger where you can send an invoice and get paid easily.

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  • Collabs platform
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Compliance and Security

  • Payments via invoice
  • We’ll never share your information
  • Hassle free accounting done right
  • GDPR & PSD2 compliant