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Frontend developer


We like to keep it simple, so we will. You are a talented developer. You like clean code, no fuss. Leaving work for the day knowing you didn't miss any bugs and wrote that last line of code as good as you know you could have makes you sleep at night. You are object-oriented and like to keep things in order with version control. We use Bitbucket and Git. You are fluent in React and Javascript, but also know everything about HTML/SASS. You have a feeling for design / UX and like when things runs smoothly. Your heart is filled with joy when you ship a product you can put your name behind. You like doing things people enjoy using.

Fullstack developer


You have been doing this for a while. You are an experienced developer. You are familiar with all the current techniques used to develop apps for all platforms. You are an expert in either Rails or React, which you really like and believe is here to stay at least for a while, before someone makes something even better. You have a good understanding and knowledge of making things on larger scale. You can see how things connect and work together. It would be totally amazing if you knew Postgres and GraphQL, and if you have used the Instagram and Stripe APIs before. Since that’s some things you might be working with.



You enjoy analyzing and making sense of big-data. You are an expert at seeing the bigger picture. We have a large database of influencers. You know how to make sense of all this information and connect the dots. You will be working together with dev-team to come up with new creative ways of gathering, storing and handling information. You work with databases and love machine learning. You like the idea of implementing AI to help with all the analysis. You believe that information is power.


We like to keep you happy. Our fridge is always filled with fresh cold beverages. We use the latest toys, and will give you your own computer of choice. We have spacious offices and kinda flexible work hours. Got somewhere to be between 11 - 13? No problem. We value good work produced rather than showing up tired at 9 and going home at 17, as long as deliveries are met and deadlines are kept.


We are a company with funding secured, so no worries about that. We pay handsomely for the right fit. Since we are early, options could also be part of the conversation.


We are easy-going hard workers. We believe nothing worth having comes easy. We like what we do, and do it with passion. We expect the same from you.


You will work closely with our dev-team. We know everything from design to backend, but we think you already figured that out.


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Good to know about our company
  • Is a prosperous start-up, backed by successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and industry professionals from amongst others, Facebook.
  • Have an experienced board that ensures that things are done by-the-book (i.e all the boring stuff)
  • Has a working proof of concept with paying customers, secured contracts and strong partners

If you have any questions or just want to know more, feel free to drop us a line.

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