Find the influencers that actually can reach your target audience.

Add to campaign

Our Discover feature allows you to browse our full database by applying a set of filters.

When you’ve found some influencers you like, select them and add them to your campaign.


Easily apply a set of filters to narrow down your search.


Browse between different categories to find the correct matches - you can also select multiple categories in the same search.


All the countries we have qualified data about. Choose the one you want to target.

Follower range

Find influencers that have between 3,000 up to 300,000 followers.

Audience analytics

See who the influencer’s followers are.

Age spans

We show the same age span as Instagram, without having to ask all influencers for statistics to understand the age groups of the influencers followers.


Displaying the top 5 countries the followers are from. Does the influencer’s audience match the correct country you want to target?


Sorted out into percentage of male and female.

Key features

Fill the spots

If your campaign has 10 spots to fill, the thumb-rule here is to add at least 3x that. All influencers are invited. The first ones to join gets the spots.

Quick overview

Click the username to get an instant overview of the influencers feed to be able to get an understanding of the content produced and see if there’s a match.


Search through our database to find any specific influencer you want to work with and add to your campaign.

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