…”What the agencies do, for a fraction of the cost”. Pretty bold statement. This chapter is pretty long, but we’ll break it all down for you here.

From A - Z

The full process, from campaign creation to payment, step-by-step.

Create your campaign
Start your campaign by using our easy-to-follow setup wizard. In this step, you’ll enter all information required in order to deliver a full & professional campaign brief to the influencers.
Discover influencers
Easily browse through millions of influencers by using filters to find suitable ones for your campaign.
Add to campaign
When you’ve found influencers you would like to work with - select and add them to your campaign.
Send out invitations
Everything is ready. Send out invitations to the influencers you’ve added and they will be able to join on a first-come first-served basis.
Manage campaign
We’ve automated influencer marketing, yet manual overhead is always beneficial. Manage your campaign and make sure everything runs smoothly.
You are done!
View the campaign report and start planning your next campaign!


Keep track of everything

For every campaign, the system creates tasks for you to complete along with a timeline for an easy overview in order to run your campaign successfully.

The overview tab is where you’ll go to make sure all tasks are completed within the deadline.


What to post?

Choose the format for your assignment. You can choose between story, regular post, carousel and video. A combination with multiple assignments is always a good idea.

This is where you decide on how you want the influencers to promote your product or service.


Send out products

If it’s a product your influencer should endorse, this is where you add them.

Pro tipYou can add multiple products to your campaign to make a more compelling offer.


Keeping track of what needs to be done

We have released the beta-version of this feature. A more in-depth release will come later this year.


The campaign page

After completing the setup wizard, a campaign page is automatically created for the influencers so that they’ll get a full & professional brief of the campaign when you invite everyone.


Campaign reports and statistics

Once the campaign has run its course, we’ll deliver a full report with the most important metrics. This is done by benchmarking cost of production and/or the commission with views, comments & likes.

*All stats used in the screenshots are for demo purposes only

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