Collaborate better

We have set out to change an industry by creating better tools used for collaboration between brands and influencers.

Simple Revolution

By simplifying the complicated, we believe in developing the media landscape of today and empowering brands ability to quickly reach out to their audience through the accurate influencers.

Collabs was built out of respect

for time, modern convenience and people who know they shouldn’t overpay for great results.

Like most of you, we’ve only had the choices of over-priced marketing solutions that disrespect your intelligence and poor technology that disrespect your time. We knew that there had to be a better way, so we created Collabs as a return to the essential: great results in no time at a fair price.

Thriving collaborations for all parts, thoughtfully

We believe that great collaborations are based on clarity and opportunity so we designed our service to provide a win-win scenario and unite brands and influencers for a genuine thriving collaboration.


Million influencers


Happy customers


First beta-tester!


For brands

Welcome to the platform that allows you to discover millions of influencers, create campaigns, communicate, schedule, approve content, execute, pay commissions to several influencers with one click & analyze the results.
All in one place.

In short - tremendously cut down on overhead, remove the middlemen & execute campaigns more efficiently than ever!


For influencers

Things that matter to you;
  • Collaboration offers from companies in one place.
  • Understanding the full scope & guidelines of the collaboration.
  • Not having some agency stealing 50% of your commission.
  • Getting paid within 1-3 days.

You’re covered.
Welcome to Collabs.

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