Making influencer marketing simple

Influencer marketing designed to work for you

Increase Campaign ROI

Only pay for results with total transparency and let Collabs tech do the heavy work. Sit back and relax while your campaigns deliver unbelievable results.

Make campaigns painless

Create, run and manage campaigns at scale without breaking a sweat. If you are unsure about how it works, we are always here to help.

Free up time for growth

Don’t waste time on manual search, DMs, negotiations and nerve-racking spreadsheets. Automate and streamline your whole workflow.

Easy as a snap! Reach your goals with influencer marketing:

Connect with your audience, shift consumer behaviour, boost results through hassle free campaigns. Collabs takes your brand where it needs to be.

Our secret-sauce


Collabs makes influencer marketing simple and efficient.


Our influencer search tool. Filter on influencer stats and audience. Add influencers to campaigns or lists.


Like tinder, swipe! Find influencers by swiping Yes or No and our AI learns what you are looking for.

Find similar Soon

Click an influencers name to open their profile and find similar influencers as that one


Create, manage and run with up to 200 influencers per campaign, without breaking a sweat.


Get a good overview of your campaign results. Benchmark with other campaigns.


No more tedious one-by-one invitations by email or DM. Personalized auto-invites through Collabs.

Content Review

Review content before it's posted on Instagram. Only accepted posts go live!


Collect all your favourite influencers by creating and managing lists. Easy overview of combined stats and audience.


These guys represent your brand. Find new ones or add the ones you already work with.


Talk directly with influencers that has joined your campaigns.


Automatic payments for completed campaigns directly to the influencers by card or invoice. No hidden fees.

Collabs Score

Detects fake traffic, inactive followers and quality of engagement. Influencers gets a score of 1-10.